The SLIHE project envisions strategy for service-learning, thanks to which universities fulfil their third mission and prepare a new generation of experts.

The project builds partnerships between the sectors and develops cooperation between the universities and public and non-governmental organizations in the region.

The project builds on the needs of an international dimension - to motivate students to civic engagement and enable teachers to support the social role of higher education institutions (HEIs).


Main objectives:

  • to strengthen the capacities of HEIs related to the fulfilment of their third mission
  • to enhance civic engagement of students through implementation of service-learning
  • to improve the quality and relevance of study offered in the field of implementation of service-learning strategy in higher education



  • Teacher training about service-learning and handbook for trainers
  • Handbook for teachers
  • Recommendations for the implementation of service-learning in higher education and examples of good practices
  • International conference Spring 2020


Project duration:            1.9.2017 – 31.5.2020


Presentation about the project


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