This Service-Learning Week will combine the following events

13th of July 2020 (3pm - 5pm CET) interactive workshop 

Strategies for Conducting community based research and Research on Service-Learning

Andrew Furco, Associate Vice President for Public Engagement, University of Minnesota, U.S.A.                                                 

María Rosa Tapia, Latin American Center for Solidarity Service-Learning and University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

In this workshop, participants will work through the process of designing a research study on a  service-learning topic of interest to them.  The workshop will begin with an overview of the current state of research on service-learning, the challenges that researchers face when conducting studies of service-learning, and strategies investigators should consider when engaged in service-learning research. Following this overview, participants will be guided through the development of a Research Plan through which they will design a research study that addresses a service-learning question or issue of interest to them.  To produce this research plan, participants will work through a series of steps in which they develop a researchable research question, identify the best research design, select the right research sample and instruments, as well as identify strategies for collecting, organizing, and analyzing the research data. Strategies for community-based research and digital ethnography will also be addressed.  Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will have completed a research plan that can form the basis of a funding proposal or research implementation plan.  Prior to arriving at the session, participants are urged reflect on the particular topics or questions they are interested in investtigating. 

the workshop is for registered participants, if you wish to register, please write email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

14th and 15th of July 2020 Third European Conference on Service-Learning in Higher Education

What does it mean to be(come) an Engaged University?

The conference addresses the guiding question: “What does it mean to be(come) an engaged university?”. It aims at promoting service-learning in higher education and increasing awareness about the role of service-learning with respect to the third mission of universities. The objective of the conference is to spread knowledge and share experiences about theories, research and practice on service-learning as well as networking with different stakeholders in the field of higher education. The conference targets scholars, practitioners, students, and community partners interested in the concept of engaged university and service-learning as a strategy for its development.

16th of July 2020 (2pm - 4pm CET)

Open meeting of Central and Eastern European Service-Learning Network

Hosted by Edina Malkic from International Organization “Interactive Open Schools” (MIOS) and Luz Avruj and Candelaria Ferrara from Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario – CLAYSS, together with Network members

We will introduce the Central and Eastern European Service-Learning Network, how we got to work together and what activities we have developed so far. We will share our experiences in the process of networking and why we believe in joint efforts and collaborative work. You are invited to join the meeting and be a part of this informal network of schools, universities and youth organizations developing service-learning in CEE, who believe in educational institutions being a fundamental part of strengthening education and young people's civic skills in the region by addressing the needs of their own communities.

All events are organized under the coordination of Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario – CLAYSS, with the valuable support of the Central and Eastern European Service-Learning Network in partnership with Erasmus + project SLIHE and Platform of Volunteer Centers and Organizations. 

The Service-Learning Week will be an opportunity for the exchange and cooperation, it will offer open training, conference, meetings, workshops and discussion panels for the exchange with experienced SL mentors and contributors to the development of SL practices and programs. The event will feature leading specialists from Latin America, America and Europe. 

For the registration on Open meeting of CEESLN please register here.